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Curve Magazine

Curve Magazine Facebook

In 2013, I created Curve Magazine’s social media platform and developed their system for hiring and managing social media intern teams. Originally, Curve had a Facebook page and Twitter profile with very few posts and no strategy. I created Curve a YouTube, Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest account, developed and virtually managed two social media teams of 10 and then 16 interns from around the world for a three-month term each, initiated Twitter chats, live Google Hangout video interviews, panel discussions and TV show viewings, live in-person event coverage and an array of social media campaigns to increase reader interaction and subscription sales. I also managed their bi-monthly newsletter and assigned and edited articles for

Marketing Crazy

In 2010, I worked with Marketing Crazy where I learned how to create niche blogs, write SEO articles and rank blogs onto the first page of Google for specified keywords.

Mikko Kemppe

Also in 2010, I gained internet marketer, relationship coach and the founder of Helsinki Salsa Academy, Mikko Kemppe, as a mentor and worked with him as his internet marketing assistant. I ranked a lot of his Salsa dancing blogs onto the first page of Google and helped him create content for his relationship blog.

Cody McKibben/Digital Nomad Academy

In 2011, I gained Cody McKibben as a mentor. Cody is an online marketing consultant. He founded Thrilling Heroics, he co-founded Untemplater and he is the founder of the Digital Nomad Academy (which he gave me free lifetime access to).

Community Bucket List

In July of 2011, I founded Community Bucket List, an online community that encourages and supports people to pursue their goals and passions. I ran social media campaigns, contests and a virtual mastermind group.

We are in control. We’ll never complete our goals, never see our dreams reach reality, etc unless we start to do something about it. I really want to thank Emelina Minero for being such a wonderful and special person. She has really made a difference in my life by making sure I focus on my passions, my happiness, and reaching my goals. Although I’m not nearly as far in my career as I would like to be, I think that before I got my new job, I was stuck in a rut. I had been at the same dead end job since graduation and I stuck there. I think Emelina you really focus on making us start walking down the right paths, putting one foot in front of the other. You have to keep moving.

  • Audra Leigh, Community Bucket List user and community member.

Love Warrior Community

Also in 2011, I co-founded the Love Warrior Community (LWC), an online community that uses creativity to explore healing and foster self-love and acceptance. I’ve managed various LWC interns, and I also co-founded the LWC’s group blog, Self-Love Warrior, which is now integrated into the LWC website. Each January, we host the Self-Love Diet Daily Writing Challenge. This past January, we had 100 people submit over 500 blog posts during January, which also resulted in thousands of comments from everyone supporting each other in their self-love journey.

Eating Disorder Recovery Support, Inc.

From 2012 to 2014, I was the Social Media Chair and on the board of non-profit Eating Disorder Recovery Support, Inc. I managed their website, Facebook page, Twitter, blog and social media interns and volunteers.

Reverend Oliver White Crowdfunding Campaign

From November through December 2013, I worked with Reverend Oliver White from St. Paul, Minnesota on his crowdfunding campaign using the platform. I built and co-managed his Twitter profile, YouTube Channel and Facebook Page, and I co-wrote the video script, sourced a videography team in Minnesota and co-produced the crowdfunding video. I also co-created and implemented a press strategy, targeting media outlets in his niche resulting in articles, interviews and blog posts.

Jenny’s Wedding Crowdfunding Campaign

I worked with Michelle Manning, Paramount Picture’s former President of Production, the owner of MM Productions and one of the producers of Jenny’s Wedding, setting up interviews and getting articles published across queer publications. I also interviewed Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls) for AfterEllen and Curve Magazine, and Mary Agnes Donoghue (Beaches, White Oleander) for

Other Social Media

I have also helped consult authors, life coaches and other creatives on building their web presence, via blogging, social media profiles and using Kickstarter.

If you have a small business and you don’t yet have a blog, let my good friend Emelina Minero help you! She has done work for me and has always gone way beyond for what I have asked her to do. She will give you the personalized attention you need to get started with blogging, I can’t recommend her highly enough!

– Mikko Kemppe, Relationship Coach & Founder of Helsinki Salsa Academy

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